2.Close-up Magic Show

1.Stage Magic Show

Magician products some different objects with background music, then make it vanish, change position.
Include magic wand, fire, silk, dollar bill etc. Spectators are invite to perform magic.
For company’s annual dinner, wedding, school, shopping mall of promotional activities,
carnivals and other activities,many of spectators can appreciate the same time, magic show and part of it.

2.Close-up magic

It is magic performed to small groups of people by a magician who carries all he requires on his person. Because the performer is working to various small groups, he is able to involve the onlookers in a way that virtually no other form of entertainment can! Many people will never have seen magic performed at such close range before and it is a source of enormous fascination and amusement!

3.Theme Magic Show

It’s for the customer's product promotion, publicity or campaign. In response to the needs of different customers, depending on the characteristics of different commodities, design magic theme suitable for customers of the goods or information in the manner shown in particular to achieve the best possible publicity.

We could do as long as you can imagine.

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